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We export over 4 000 files a year to more than 600 different
broadcasters in 32 languages to over 38 countries. We are
the ultimate Adaptaion Company you can hire, with great
knowledge of local advertisement markets all around the world.

TV Content

Videos are increasingly used the Internet and social networks as a way to promoteproducts and services among a wider audience. With the growth of digital marketing, we produce audiovisual content for many dfferent projects:Corporate videos, promotional videos, motion graphic, animation, 3D, video 360.

Mobile & WEB

We provide an API and out-of-the-box integration capabilities for all the major CMS and eCommerce platforms - increasing efficiency and reducing the time and cost of your website or mobile application translation project.

Adaptation process

Adaptation is multilayered process of delivering original advertising campaigns to different global markets. It is also called transcreation, as the advertising message is adjusted to tastes of the consumers and deeply rooted in the culture of specific country. It is not only the translation process, but rather set of actions, including cross-market copywriting. The most important results are significantly lowered costs and shortened delivery dates.

1. Media plan

Media plan is always the beginning. It specifies what advertising formats will be used (e.g. banners, TV, radio, cinema) and when is desired launch of the campaign. Good media plan allows us to have broad picture of advertising activities, lets us for effective resource allocation and last but not least allows to react quickly to media house demands.

2. Global partners cooperation

While working on transcreation of advertising material we directly cooperate with global advertising agencies, international sound studios and legal services agencies. This position us as global adaptation agency well known for our productivity and reliability especially in all sorts of post-creative services.

3. Local partners cooperation

While preparing advertising adaptation we are creatively working on the messages and directly cooperating with local agencies to ensure that the quality of our localization process represents highest possible level. We also pay particular attention to be always updated with the local law regulations regarding advertising materials.

4. Approval cycle

We aim to be the best adaptation company on the market. We are very proud that our approval cycle procedure proved its quality and allow our Partners to depend on us in many stressful situations. We can easily say that our fast reaction and precise acting under the pressure of time is our key advantage.

5. Production files delivered

Final stage of the adaptation process is always delivery of the workings to the Partners. Regardless of they specification (banners, press, radio, cinema etc.) and form - they could be digital but we also deliver physical forms – all workings must be delivered on time, no matter the place of the delivery and we can guarantee that.

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